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9/11 - 9:15am Opening Day Parade and Games to follow

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Open Day Schedule - Sunday 9/11/16

  Parade starts at 10am (All kids should arrive and line up at 9:15am)​

  U4 academy:  Game 11 am  

                         Field 1&2  Split into 4 teams 
  U5:  Game time 11:40 field 3&4
         Grasshoppers vs The Peanuts 
         The Gummy Bears vs Troy Silva's team 
  U6:  Game time 12:15  field 5&6
          Team Titans vs The Hot Shots
          Mike Foschino's Team 3 vs Team 4 (no coach)

  U8 Girls:  Game time 11am

                  The Firecracker Team vs Team 1 (Kelly and Kerri's Team)

  U8 Boys:  Game time 12:15

                  The Lions vs The Mighty Munchkins

  There is no training this weekend.